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Ink and Skin and Bone

I am an activist
a student
I am a mother
a daughter and sister
a feminist, and a maker
I am
The revival of lost languages
The language of ink and skin and bone

The language of
California Indigenous women’s tattoos

The ink is reclamation
of our
Large spaces
Our spaces
Homeland places
On faces

The revival of beautiful and strong
Representations of
Indigenous people
My sisters in California
My sisters and I
who wear a language
Written on the skin

It is a language of women
Of place and
Of status
Of love
Of honor
Of traditions breathing life again

It reveals hidden knowledge
Alive once again
It is of the land
and ancient and wise
It is a message to our children
“Don’t believe the white lies”

The ink is aggressive
It is educative
It is the hope of future
It is the language of our flesh

It is story telling
Through text
Taken from the walls
Taken from the books
Written on the skin

It is the reclaiming of
Our beauty
Our spaces
Sacred places
On faces
Our women’s language
With ink and skin and bone.

_Ink and Skin and Bone_